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January 8, 2018
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Hi everyone welcome to my blog.

Thank you for all your questions sent in i will try and answer as many of them as i can,

i always like to share my own experiences with you all as it’s fascinating to also hear yours.

so one of the first questions was..
Q-What have the souls shared with you on what it’s like passing from here to there. Any info on life reviews from the souls ? Do we come back for other lifetimes .. if so, why ?

A- One of the main things that i have learnt from spirit is that it’s actually not scary or negative actually passing over to the spirit side of life, it’s really a beautiful peaceful transition.. your free of any aches pains and anything negative that slows us down here. As life reviews go thats a really good question.. i say that when we all pass we will have what i call our own book of life, so in a brief moment we’re able to see all the amazing, sad, happy & loving times we had in life in order for us to be at peace and to come to terms with all the what ifs should of would of could of’s, and to the last part yes i do believe we can come back around again, it’s like before we enter the world i really believe we all have our own souls contract (sounds crazy i know) but with in these contracts we see when we come into this world, what paths we may take and also when we will be leaving the physical side of life, and sometimes we may not come back around again and take a different role in the spiritworld such as a guide or plain sail just chilling haha!

Q-Spirit guides and the role they play, and how we can connect with them.

A- So for me a spirit guide is someone that basically guides you along your spiritual path and also other aspects of life, such as helping us to connect with spirit and communicate with those that have passed also in many other spiritual fields such as healing, psychic, past life ect…

we can connect with our own spirit guides through meditation, i really think and feel meditatis key for most things, it’s so helpful to clear our minds and settle us back down to where we need to be and in so many different areas in life, i really like to do guided meditations i like to follow something as my mind runs elsewhere. You might never find out who they are what they look like and so on but you also might  it’s all about trust.


Q- How to spot different signs of a loved one visiting you

A- love this! We get so many different signs from our loved ones/guides/Angels

it really is amazing and i could waffle on alllll day about signs from spirit haha, so i always say whenever i get a sign from my loved ones i also feel it (maybe because of the way i roll) or maybe you all do too.. so whenever i see a Robin bird I always know my Grandad is around as i will aslo get “spirit chills (goosebumps) but they dont always come in just a white feather or robin bird (both are still amazing) all’s we need to do is be very open minded to any signs that might get sent we might ask them to show us something and it might not happen right away but that doesnt mean they’re not listening they’re more than likely building up there energy to give us one we can’t possibly miss, but to answer the question, I’d say expect anything from a smell that might remind you of a loved one, hearing your favourite music that you both share or have memories with, seeing and feeling them around  shadows out the corner of your eye, all the hellos from heaven, and also within the dream visitation, this really allows for us to see our missed loved ones for another time and feel really connected with them again.. so yeah be very open minded haha, as theres many ways they can get our attention!

Q-Do your loved ones help in the after life care and help you move on when all else feels you are all alone?

A- absolutely!! They’re one of the main ones watching over us, loving, supporting and sending us the signs that they’re doing just that.


Q-I keep seeing a black shadow every we’re I go but when I look again it’s gone. could you write what that could be

A- of course..

so this kind of ties in with one of the questions earlier.. this is one of the most easiest ways our loved ones can show us they’re present  i explain it as they build up there energy and push it forward so that we can catch a little glimpes of them to take support and comfort in knowing they’re still around, some people actually see there loved ones but most of the time they’ll do something like allowing us to see a shadow out of the corner of our eye so that we might not be shit scared of seeing a “ghost” haha


Q – what is it like being a Medium

A- another great question.. I absolutely LOVE being a medium for me it really is a way of life, being able to pass forward amazing jaw dropping validations/messages and seeing how the client is before they come in, to when they leave. It really can be a life changing experience! I feel honoured to be able to connect with so many of your loved ones and pass forward what they really want to relay to you! It such a massive part of my every day to day life aswell as being a husband & a dad. So sometimes i have to level my self and find a healthy balance but I really do feel blessed to be able to do what i do and love!


Q- would you ever do a TV show and if so why?

A- if anyone would have me yes.. haha. And only for all the right reasons, not for fame or fortune but to really give out as much healing as possible as that would be a bigger platform for me to read and reach more people. I’d be a bag of nerves just like i am before all events and even private readings sometimes haha but thats just because I’m so passionate about the work i do & love

i hope you all enjoyed reading all the answers: )

thank you for sending in all your questions and i shall do further blogs in the near future, please feel free to share

many thanks Mike.