What Happens During a Reading

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January 7, 2018
Mikes Spiritual Q&A
April 24, 2018
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Every single reading is different in there own way, just as we are all different in our own way,

but first when sitting with a client i aim to make them people feel relaxed as as often people feel very nervous.

Then i start to give a very short introduction on how i work and recieve the information. When the reading begins whether it’s one-to-one or over Skype/ phone call, i really just trust what come through, for me it akk works through thought process so whatever come to my mind first is what spirit is wanting to pass forward to who ever i’m reading for, also i’ll feel a lot when channeling spirit like how they may of passed or what happen prior to there departure, also i will feel the emotional bond and connection between both the client and loved one i’m channeling.

i also say it’s important for you to interact with me , i dont mean telling me information but validating everything that is coming through as then i feel the connection with your loved ones strengthen.

sometimes it can be a life changing experience if you allow the healing messages and guidance from your loveds ones to take place. Your experience is not about me but about celebration your loss loved ones life… its about the healing

thank you for reading this blog, Mike